Jinxed At First
  • Origine : South Korea
  • Date de sortie : 2022
  • Genre : Séries, Drame
  • Format : 1 h
  • Allocine Rating : 4 (5 votes)
  • Dernière actualisation : Ajout de l'épisode S1E16 VOSTFR
Résumé de la serie Jinxed At First Complète :

It revolves around a man who has come to terms with his unlucky fate and a goddess who has jumped into the real world to break her curse. Gong Soo Kwang, a brewmaster who runs a craft beer store. He is full of passion in his heart, but he always manages to keep calm and collected. Also equipped with a serious demeanor, he is a charming man who is popular among women wherever he goes. Lee Seul Bi is the goddess of fortune who meets Gong Soo Kwang and fights her own fate.

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